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Guano listing
Navigating Steel's Past & Present: The Rise in Demand for Steel Production & Port Talbot
Published: 19 Jan 24

A hindsight perspectives blog reflecting on the current conversation of the future of Tata steel’s blast furnaces at Port Talbot.

Hindsight Perspectives
Louise Sanger
Plimsoll Line
The Plimsoll line
Published: 15 Apr 20

Find out about freeboard, load lines and reserve buoyancy

Louise Sanger
Ship types, design and construction
70 Earliest Ladybadge
Who's that lady?
Published: 12 Sep 19

The Lloyd's Register ladybadge has been at the heart of the Society from early in its formation. Learn more about her and what she means for Lloyd's Register.

Louise Sanger
254 Sonia Anastassakis-1 (2)
People Power - Women at Lloyd's Register
Published: 12 Sep 19

Uncover the stories of some of the women who made their mark at Lloyd's Register

Anne Cowne
Barbara Jones
Charlotte Ward
Louise Sanger
Max Wilson
Rewriting Women into Maritime History
Victoria Culkin
44. Sri Lanka Orphanage Foundation Blessing Ceremony
People power – our 250th anniversary story
Published: 12 Sep 19

As we approach 260 years, we look back at our 250 year anniversary celebrations, bringing our global family together.

Louise Sanger
Office Closures 1942
These are a few of our favourite things...Louise Sanger
Published: 28 Feb 17

Louise Sanger
These are a few of our favourite things