Case Studies

National Maritime Museum - Curator of Contemporary Maritime Impacts

Lloyd’s Register Foundation Public Curator

Grant awarded: £500,000

Timeframe: 2018-2023


Project overview

The role of Curator of Contemporary Maritime Impacts at the National Maritime Museum will promote public awareness and understanding of the connections between maritime history and contemporary maritime issues such as trade, migration, technology and the environment, working with the wider maritime community to achieve this impact.


Through this new post and the convening role we aspire to develop for the Museum over the 5 years of the project, we will reach and bring together diverse audiences – whether maritime specialists, the media or the general public – to inform, discuss and debate the contemporary maritime world. We will also have contributed towards a change in the way the role of a curator is perceived within the NMM (and the wider cultural heritage sector), leading to new ways of engaging with the public. As a result, the public will benefit from a greater consciousness and understanding of the interconnectivity of contemporary maritime issues, their impact on the lives of the British people and our relationship to the wider world.

Project Progress

To follow soon.