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Widening access to HEC resources through citizen science.

Grant awarded: £100,000

Timeframe: 2019-2022


Project overview

Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA)’s award-winning Coastal and InterTidal Zone Archaeological Network (CITiZAN) will widen access and inform best use of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation Heritage and Education Centre archive and resources through a robust programme incorporating citizen science, public outreach, higher education opportunities and professional development.

By integrating HEC collections, the project will add more detail to MOLA’s research, and materially extend its scope. This will enhance the appeal, interest and relevance of the research for wider audiences, to the mutual benefit of both HEC and CITiZAN.


During the next three years the project will greatly improve HEC’s route to impact. CITiZAN will facilitate collaborations with new audiences that HEC have not targeted before, including the voluntary sector, coastal landholders and managers, environmentalists, universities, statutory bodies and diverse local communities around the English coast. Within these groups, CITiZAN will raise awareness of maritime heritage threatened by coastal erosion and encourage new avenues of research into the results of fieldwork using HEC resources.

By utilising the HEC collections in this way, CITiZAN will materially extend, deepen and enhance the appeal, interest, relevance and impact of both organisations to a much wider audience. Examples areas of planned impact include:

  • Engaging new audiences with HEC resources and archives
  • Utilising new technologies for societal benefit
  • Inspiring younger generations to become involved in maritime matters
  • Providing for MA bursaries that have to use the HEC collections
  • Enhancing the public understanding of our maritime history through the HEC collections
  • Increasing international impact of the HEC collections

Project progress

Hear from CITiZAN's Gustav Milne speaking about the project at the Lloyd's Register Foundation International Conference in 2019.

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You can also see the CITiZAN team in action in the latest three-part series of Britain at Low Tide on Channel 4. Presented by Dr Tori Herridge, it showcases Britain’s vanishing coastal heritage, the amazing stories revealed on our shores through archaeology, and the work of CITiZAN, and other professional and community-led groups, especially Tom Dawson’s SCHARP in Scotland.