Mariner's Mirror Podcast

No.1 Podcast dedicated to all of maritime and naval history.

The Mariner's Mirror Podcast is the world’s No.1 podcast dedicated to all of maritime and naval history. 

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The Society of Nautical Research launched the Mariner’s Mirror Podcast in October 2020 and has been a resounding success. Since its launch, the podcast has increased public awareness of maritime history and its importance to the modern world and provided a global platform for archives and museums to bring attention to their collections.

With one foot in the present and one in the past The Mariner's Mirror brings you the most exciting and interesting current maritime projects worldwide: including excavations of shipwrecks, the restoration of historic ships, sailing classic yachts and tall ships, unprecedented behind the scenes access to exhibitions, museums and archives worldwide, primary sources and accounts that bring the maritime past alive as never before. Presented by Dr Sam Willis, supported by the Lloyds Register Foundation.

Some of the latest animations the Mariner's Mirror Podcast have produced:


Dr Sam Willis is one of the UK's leading public historians. He has made more than ten multi-part and award-winning TV series for the BBC and National Geographic, that have been seen by tens of millions of viewers worldwide, including The Silk Road and The Maritime Silk Road, and has written more than twenty books, many on maritime history. His work takes him on adventures all over the world.

Dr Sam Willis