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HEC Research Strategy

Our dedicated research programme

Research is fundamental to the work of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation Heritage & Education Centre. Through our dedicated research programme, we will enhance understanding of our collections and develop innovative perspectives on the work of Lloyd’s Register and the Foundation. We will ensure that diverse and new global audiences are engaged with our collections and how they can be used.  

We will explore new areas such as:  

  • depictions of maritime technology and statistics in art and other interactive media 
  • development of data analytic tools to be able to search and interrogate the rich content of the archive, for example language and linguistic tools 
  • the production of extra explanatory material to sit alongside the digitised content on the website, to further help general readers understand about maritime terminology and ship designs 
  • other related subjects that utilise our digital archive are also welcomed for consideration  

We will also continue to enhance and build understanding of subjects that are traditionally associated with our collections such as:  

  • development of ship and yacht building since the 1800s 
  • impact of the maritime sector on world trade and trade routes 
  • safety at sea  

Further details to follow soon.