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HMS Resolute listing
The remarkable ship Resolute
Published: 19 Jul 19

Summer intern Charlie Kelley recounts the story of the famous Arctic exploration vessel.

Charlie Kelley
wiki commons-SS_Dunedin_loading_1882
First and Famous: Dunedin
Published: 26 Jun 19

Learn more about the Dunedin, one of the first refrigerated ships and part of our First and Famous collection.

First and Famous
Max Wilson
Ship types, design and construction
War Methar, wreck sonar 2
Below the Waves - RFA War Methar
Published: 21 Feb 19

Archives and Collections Assistant Max Wilson was asked to help with an enquiry from the Salvage and Marine Operations unit of the Ministry of Defence regarding the wreck of the War Methar

Max Wilson
Aquitania listing image
First and Famous: Aquitania
Published: 15 Jan 19

HEC Digital Content Manager and Research Specialist Sean Clemenson takes a look at the famous liner's career.

First and Famous
Sean Clemenson
RB in German film 2
The First World War
Published: 11 Nov 18

This year marks 100 years since the end of the First World War. Find out how HEC is marking the anniversary.

Charlotte Ward
The SS Athenia
Published: 03 Sep 18

Researcher and Website Content Editor Charlotte Ward has written about the SS Athenia, the first ship to be sunk by Germany during the Second World War, and a personal connection she has to the rescue operation of those on board.

Charlotte Ward