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Senior Messenger Staff 1906
Jebez Barrett
Published: 13 Sep 19

in 1911, Head Messenger Jebez Barrett retired. He published his memoirs about his experiences working at Lloyd's Register. His stories provide a unique insight, not only into the Society's history but also wider social changes and events.

Charlotte Ward
Football match at Dulwich 1919
Birdies, bats and bowling
Published: 12 Sep 19

From cricket matches to golf tournaments, Lloyd's Register has had several sports clubs and societies!

Charlotte Ward
254 Sonia Anastassakis-1 (2)
People Power - Women at Lloyd's Register
Published: 12 Sep 19

Uncover the stories of some of the women who made their mark at Lloyd's Register

Anne Cowne
Barbara Jones
Charlotte Ward
Louise Sanger
Max Wilson
Rewriting Women into Maritime History
Victoria Culkin
RB in German film 2
The First World War
Published: 11 Nov 18

This year marks 100 years since the end of the First World War. Find out how HEC is marking the anniversary.

Charlotte Ward
The SS Athenia
Published: 03 Sep 18

Charlotte has written about the SS Athenia, the first ship to be sunk by Germany during the Second World War, and a personal connection she has to the rescue operation of those on board.

Charlotte Ward
First and Famous: Two Ships Called Sirius
Published: 03 Apr 18

We're taking an in depth look at LR's 'First and Famous' ships. These ships are significant in terms of design, technological advances, historic importance, or just ships everyone has heard of that we've classed. This week we're looking at the first iron vessel classed by Lloyd's Register, the story of another ship called Sirius and a maritime hero forgotten to history.

Charlotte Ward
First and Famous
Ship types, design and construction
These are a few of our favourite things...Charlotte Ward
Published: 22 Feb 18

Researcher and Website Content Editor Charlotte Ward shares her favourite thing from our library and archive

Charlotte Ward
These are a few of our favourite things