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Interpreting the Register Books

A research tool analysing the evolution of the Register Books since the 18th - mid-20th Century and providing guidance in their interpretation

18<sup>th</sup> Century <i>Register Books</i>

18th Century Register Books

The earliest Register Book was published in 1764, setting the template of a publication yearly published ever since. Alt...

19<sup>th</sup> Century <i>Register Books</i>

19th Century Register Books

A rivalry between shipowners and underwriters culminated in 1799 with the production of a Register published by the Ship...

Early 20<sup>th</sup> Century <i>Register Books</i>

Early 20th Century Register Books

At the dawn of the 20th Century, Lloyd's Register had become a global entity operating in all continents. Thi...

Mid-20<sup>th</sup> Century <i>Register Books</i>

Mid-20th Century Register Books

By the mid-20th Century, despite an exponential expansion in worldwide shipping was just beginning, new chall...