Collaborative research projects

Reaching out to new audiences and interpretations

Our Heritage & Education Centre works with partners to produce and support research on a variety of subjects. We are keen to engage new audiences through inspiring collaborative research projects and unique interpretations of the collections. 

Subject ideas for future research projects could for example include:

Ship design, future fuels, ice class, Northwest passage, water transportation and availability on board, perceptions of risk, connecting the oceans, business histories, safety clothing and equipment through the ages, innovation and many more ideas!  

As well as building our own collection-specific research portfolio, the Heritage & Education Centre are also planning to look across the Foundation’s safety challenges taking perspectives which are meaningful to different stakeholders. Examples of such perspectives are: 

  • Safety in China 
  • Women in engineering 
  • Mental wellbeing and safety 
  • The economic value of safety  
  • Regulating for safety 
  • Safety in the shipping industry  

If you have an idea for a project or just want to find out more, please get in touch with our Head of Research, Interpretation & Engagement -