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Maritime Safety: Increasing the understanding of its importance to the past, present and future ocean economy.

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Maritime safety has always been critical to the ocean economy. Today, as the industry navigates the challenges of climate change, sustainable global supply chains and net zero targets, the Centre asks - what lessons can we learn from the past that will help us shape a safer ocean economy for tomorrow?

Our mission is to inform, educate, influence and inspire policy makers, researchers and business leaders as they meet these challenges. Leveraging our connections, heritage collections and creativity we will increase understanding across the world of the importance of maritime safety to a sustainable and efficient ocean economy.

We will innovate, pioneer and promote best practice within the maritime heritage sector to create the archive of the future, open and accessible to all.

Our Visitor Centre:

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation, Heritage & Education Centre is a public-facing library and archive holding material concerning over 260 years of marine and engineering science and history. The Centre is a part of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation and is focused on increasing the understanding and importance of maritime safety.

Based at 71 Fenchurch Street in London, the Centre’s is open to all, offering a unique collection of research resources from our reference library and corporate archive. To search our collection, visit our online catalogue.

The diversity of the Centre’s library and archive offer an invaluable resource to researchers from a variety of disciplines, including maritime, business, engineering, genealogy and linguistics.

Please note, the visitor centre is closed throughout 2021 due to refurbishment.

Meet the Team

  • Alex Stitt

    Director of the Heritage & Education Centre

    Alex Stitt

    Director of the Heritage & Education Centre Alex is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Heritage & Education Centre. With over 15 years previous experience with digital media, and a directorship role at a world-renowned museum, Alex's role will help HEC become a globally recognised archive.
    The 1872 Tea Race
  • Sean Clemenson

    Digital Engagement Manager

    Sean Clemenson

    Digital Engagement Manager Sean is responsible for the development of the Centre's digital content and strategy; utilising innovative technologies to bring the Centre's collections to life in diverse formats.
    Society: The Staff Magazine of Lloyd's Register
  • Max Wilson


    Max Wilson

    Archivist As the Centre’s Archivist Max assists the management, development and accessibility of the archive and heritage collections, with oversight of preservation/conservation, acquisitions, selection, archive arrangement, appraisal and cataloguing.
    Cheque in the Cupboard!
  • Louise Sanger

    Applied Research & Outreach Manager

    Louise Sanger

    Applied Research & Outreach Manager Louise works to expand the Heritage & Education Centre's strategic outreach and engagement activities through research, grant activity, presentations, education, workshops and collaborative projects. Engaging and networking with museums, libraries and other organisations worldwide to ensure that lessons learned from the past are utilised and explored in support of current safety challenges. Louise is also Deputy Manager of HEC.
    The Plimsoll line
  • Barbara Jones

    Curator of Maritime History & Heritage

    Barbara Jones

    Curator of Maritime History & Heritage As Curator of Maritime History & Heritage, Barbara is project manager of Project Undaunted and also deals with high-level enquiries regarding archived documents.
    Pirates, Pirate Radio and a Music Lockdown
  • Michael Launchbury

    Digital Archivist

    Michael Launchbury

    Digital Archivist I am responsible for the preservation of our born digital materials and data. Moreover, I process the digitisation of our printed material with the aim of making our documents readily accessible online.
    How Jazzy is the Iomega Jaz Drive?
  • Sarah Mott

    Digital Engagement Officer

    Sarah Mott

    Digital Engagement Officer Sarah is responsible for the Centre's external programmes including Wikimedia and Archives Hub, as well as social media and HEC's quarterly magazine.
    These are a few of our favourite things... Sarah Mott