Press release

Virtual Reality Experience Passes 1000 Downloads

Wednesday, September 23 2020

Virtual Reality Experience Passes 1000 Downloads

We are pleased to announce that our virtual reality experience, ‘Ship Surveyor Through the Ages’, has achieved over 1000 downloads. This immersive resource has been an incredible success since its public launch in January 2020, and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has downloaded and enjoyed it.

The feedback on our Viveport and Steam stores has been tremendous. On the Steam store we have a 100% positive feedback rate. One user applauded our experience’s ‘education narrative’ whilst another praised the quality of the graphics. The fact that there are two effusive reviews in Russian demonstrates the ease of use and also the interactive’s broad appeal.

This experience, built by Volume Ai Ltd, allows users to learn about the importance of surveyor roles and how they’ve evolved over time as maritime engineering has progressed. You take on the role of surveyor, tasked with tracking down and investigating hazards and faults on board three ships throughout history. Upon completion you are offered high resolution documents, from our Ship Plan and Survey Report Collection, that were used to construct historic vessels such as the Cutty Sark.

This resource is one example of our commitment to enhancing public education in maritime history and engineering. To learn more about how companies and institutions are using our resources for this educational purpose, please do visit our case studies page.