Press release

1851 Trust Next Generation Roadshow

Tuesday, September 18 2018

1851 Trust Next Generation Roadshow

With a team of educators as well as professionals from the 1851 Trust and the America's Cup team, the Roadshow visited Portsmouth, the North EastLondonScotlandNottingham and Birmingham. Schools would visit specially selected sites in order to learn more about the science, technology, engineering and maths that goes into designing a successful and competitive yacht.

Part of the roadshow included a session using yacht plans from our archives. The students explored these plans, learning about the different materials that would have been used on yachts in the 1920s. They were then asked to explain why certain materials were preferable to others and what made a successful yacht.

Their days ended with a sailing trip on local waters!

On a gloriously sunny day in Nottingham, we took part in the various STEM sessions including materials testing and boat building. We had a really enjoyable day out and loved seeing the students engage with and be inspired by STEM subjects as well as maritime heritage.

To learn more about the work of the 1851 Trust, visit their website.