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Use the data export button to extract customised data sets from the Ship Plan and Survey Report Collection. Available in TSV and CSV formats.

Date recorded as the time of writing.

Date of document


The year in which a vessel’s construction is completed.

Year of ship completion


The individual and/or organisation listed as having been responsible for constructing the vessel. This can/may be the same as the owner and/or manager.


Readhead, Softley & Co

The country in which the vessel’s construction took place, at the time of writing.

Country of build

United Kingdom

Unique internal numbers used for identifying, referring and retrieving a specific survey report.

Survey number


Additional numbers that feature on a given record that may be used for identification.

Other numbers document know by


The listed port to which a given vessel belongs.

Port belonging to

North Shields

An officially licensed mariner (post 1850) holding ultimate command and responsibility for a vessel.


Wm S Oxley

Name of surveyor.


Thomas Luke

Classification symbol assigned to a vessel by Lloyd’s Register’s Classing Committee denoting the quality of construction and maintenance.



The name of the port/place of destination given.

Destined voyage


Physical arrangement of a ship’s masts, sails and rigging.


Bk - Barque

Type of fuel used onboard a vessel.


Sail - Rigs

Is the steamer assisted by sail?

Sail assisted steamer


Confirmation as to whether the vessel was equipped with refrigeration machinery to aid in the transport of frozen or chilled cargo/goods.

Refrigeration machinery fitted for cargo purposes?


Does the vessel possess an auxiliary power source?



Is electric lighting fitted to the vessel?

Electric light fitted?


Physical extent of a record.

Number of parts


Name of ship as recorded on the record

Ship name

Lizzie Leslie - 1866

The process of transferring a vessel to water, but not necessarily her completion.

Launch Date


The port or place in which the vessel’s construction took place, at the time of writing.

Place of build

South Shields

Abbreviations of the names of ports with Lloyd’s Register survey offices.

Port of survey abbreviations


Official administrative title (often printed) of a record used by Lloyd’s Register or external organisations.

Document identity

Annual Surveys

The country (flag) that a vessel is registered to, at the time of writing.

Country of registration

United Kingdom

The individual and/or organisation listed

Ship owner

Turpie & Co

Name of the individual/entity/organisation responsible for authoring the record

Document author

Thomas Luke

Location where a vessel’s survey was undertaken.

Location of Survey

North Shields

Recorded information related to a vessel’s movements.

Voyage information

North Shields

Broad categories and subdivisions of vessels related to their purpose or function.

Ship type


A vessel’s means of propulsion.



Predominant material(s) utilised in a vessel’s construction.

Material of construction


A ship’s total internal volume in ‘register tons’ (replaced by gross tonnage post 1982).

Gross Register Tonnage


Is machinery fitted at the aft of the vessel?

Machinery aft?


Generally a smaller additional auxiliary boiler (often used while the vessel is at port).

Is a donkey boiler fitted?


Name of the Proving House responsible for the public testing and certification of a vessel’s anchors and/or chain cables.

Lloyd's Proving House?


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