Rewriting Women into Maritime History

Off Watch Podcast

Off Watch Podcast


As part of She_Sees, we are working with Off Watch Podcast, a podcast which centres around traditional sailing vessels and the pros and cons of working in the maritime field. It is hosted by two women who work in the sailing profession and who will interview the cohort of women to voice their stories of working in the maritime world, traditionally viewed as a predominately male dominated space.

"It was incredibly exciting hearing about the Rewriting Women in History project and we immediately reached out to the women in the She Sees arm of the project to see if we can get involved. It's a pleasure to announce that we will be interviewing women across the maritime industry - from boatbuilders, fisherwomen, maritime lawyers to navigators, ferry operators and more! These interviews will be published as part of series 2 of the podcast - which we aim to bring out later in the year."

Jess Clay and Hannah Hurford are your co-hosts of the Off Watch Podcast. They both have experience sailing all sorts of vessels. The Off Watch Podcast offers a varied insight into traditional sailing and delves into the industry as a whole. So grab a cuppa and enjoy!

You can now tune in to an introduction to the RWM project which features in Episode 3: Blood Sweat & Tears (starts 48 minutes in). 

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