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The individual and/or organisation listed

An officially licensed mariner (post 1850) holding ultimate command and responsibility for a vessel.

Recorded information related to a vessel’s movements.

Physical arrangement of a ship’s masts, sails and rigging.

Name of surveyor.

Location of construction for a vessel’s engines.

Location of engine build

Stockton ( Report on Machinery for Evros, 14th June 1920 1920 )

The name of the port/place from which a vessel’s voyage originated.

The port in which a vessel is registered or permanently based.

Classification symbol assigned to a vessel by Lloyd’s Register’s Classing Committee denoting the quality of construction and maintenance.


+100A1 Shelter DK With Freeboard; Lloyds A & CP; +LMC 6,20; Fitted for Oil Fuel 6,20; Fp Above 150 F; Cargo Battens Not Fitted in Tween DK ( Steel Steamer Report for Evros, 23rd June 1920 1920 )

+LMC 6,20; Fitted for Oil Fuel 6,20 FP Above 150 F ( Report on Machinery for Evros, 14th June 1920 1920 )

Deferred ( Report of Survey for Repairs, &c for Zannis L Cambanis, October 1941 1941 )

+100A1; Shelter deck with Freeboard 5,41; Examined 6,41; SS No 3-10,32; SS No 1-35; Fitted for Oil Fuel 6,20 FP above 150F; +LMC 10,35; BS 6,41; TS 11,39 CL ( Report of Total Loss, Casualty, &c for Zannis L Cambanis, Undated no date )

The name of the port/place of destination given.

Type and configuration of the engine(s) supplied for a vessel.

Date in which construction of a vessel’s engines were completed.

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