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Use the data export button to extract customised data sets from the Ship Plan and Survey Report Collection. Available in TSV and CSV formats.

The individual and/or organisation listed that is responsible for the everyday management of a ship. This may be the same as the owner.

Classification symbol assigned to a vessel by Lloyd’s Register’s Classing Committee denoting the quality of construction and maintenance.


+100A1 Coasting Service Ports in the UK Channel Islands; Isle of Man & Eire Exculding the West Coast of Ireland; Lloyd\'s A & CP; Machy Rpt; Cargo Battens not Fitted; LMC 6,45 OG ( Steel Steamer or Motorship Report for Vic 101, 2nd July 1945 1945 )

LMC 6,45 OG ( Report on Steam Reciprocating Engine Machinery for Vic 101, 6th April 1945 1945 )

See FE Machy Rpt ( Report on Boilers for Vic 101, 4th May 1945 1945 )

+100A1 Coasting Limits to be Defined ( Report of Surveys for Freeboard for Vic 101, 6th March 1945 1945 )

Omit Class & All Particulars from Reprint ( Report of Survey for Repairs, &c for Vic 101, Undated no date )

Previously referred to as signal letters (c.19th C), radio call signs enable a ship to communicate and are assigned by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

The listed port to which a given vessel belongs.

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