That's A1!

Archivist Max Wilson explores Lloyd's Register's early history, including the work of our first surveyors.

In early May 2020, HEC Archivist Max Wilson presented 'That's A1!', a webinar exploring Lloyd's Register's early history, from the work of our first surveyors to the importance of surveying to save lives at sea and to protect ships. Lloyd's Register is the world's oldest maritime classification society and was influential in the development of marine safety. The webinar also afforded Max the opportunity to delve into our Ship Plan and Survey Report Collection, to showcase some interesting finds.

You can watch the full webinar below.

'That's A1!' was the second event in of a series of webinars that were organised by the Heritage & Education Centre in order to continue developing it's educational engagement digitally. To find out more information about upcoming webinars, please visit our Events page.