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The Frozen Food Revolution

A webinar on the development of refrigerated cargo shipping

Tuesday, December 29 2020

The Frozen Food Revolution

As part of Citizan's winter webinar series, Education and Outreach Coordinator Charlotte Ward gave this insightful webinar on the origins and development of refrigerated cargo shipping. 

In particular, Charlotte focused on the vessel Dunedin; a little-known iron sailing ship built in 1874 that had a significant impact not just on maritime engineering but Britain's own social, economic and cultural history. In 1882, she brought a cargo of frozen lamb from New Zealand to the UK. This was the start of commercially viable transport of frozen meat, opening up markets in the northern hemisphere to the agricultural economies in the southern hemisphere, transforming food consumption habits. 

To learn more about the Dunedin, Archivist Max Wilson has authored this detailed blog on the vessel's history and significance. Moreover, you can view all the records we have for her by clicking here.

Charlotte Ward