Press release

MOLA Exhibition at 71 Fenchurch Street

Tuesday, September 18 2018

MOLA Exhibition at 71 Fenchurch Street

In the 1990s, the Museum of London Archaeology carried out excavations at 71 Fenchurch Street prior to the construction of the Richard Rogers building. Their excavations uncovered a wealth of knowledge about Roman, Medieval and Early Modern London and helped to create a more detailed picture of how London was.  

To coincide with Open House, we have been working with MOLA to design an exhibition showcasing these unique finds. Layers Under London will help tell the story of London's history from being a Roman settlement through to a bustling Early Modern City.  The exhibition will include several fascinating and unique items from the excavations. 

Visit us on the 22 September to view these unique and wonderful finds that have not previously been seen by the public!

The exhibition will then run for eight weeks. If you are visiting the building, please take a look. Email for more information or if you would like a short talk of the exhibition.