Digital Innovations Grant

The Lloyd's Register Foundation, Heritage & Education Centre are inviting calls for applications for grant funding to harness emerging technologies to develop our heritage and education resources.

Overview of the grant

The Digital Innovation call encourages new, engaging ideas for developing our Heritage & Education Centre’s (HEC’s) resources using emerging technology.

The diversity of our collection means that a variety of technologies could be used to further its educational reach and impact. Our ambition is to become a globally accessible collection that uses new, innovative, interactive media to engage with new audiences. Potential areas of interest include the development of optical character recognition that can accurately capture handwritten text, 3D printing and mapping, data visualisation and augmented reality.

Our Digital team hope the outcome of the grant will supplement our existing programmes, from events to grants. Prior to your organisation’s application, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with our ongoing activities and resources. You can find out more about the Centre's activities through its blog posts, news articles and its research resources.

If you require further information about the grant, please contact the Heritage & Education Centre's Digital Engagement Manager, Sean Clemenson.

What would the grant fund?

The grant will cover the costs of appraising and using associated resources, from both HEC’s own collections and other collections worldwide – ensuring the technology or software could be used in an open source format for use by other relevant institutions. The successful applicant will be required to develop the technology independently.

Who can apply?

The Foundation does not fund individuals. Applications from technology start-ups, universities and data interrogation organisations are welcome.

How can i apply?

By visiting the Foundation's Flexigrant application portal here.

Is there a limit to how much I can apply for?

Applicants can apply for a figure up to £100,000. The Foundation will consider each application on its merit and look for value for money. The Foundation will also fund direct costs.

Further reading – before you apply

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