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Find out about the Centre's unique collections.

The Heritage & Education Centre holds a wealth of historical collections, items and materials dating as early as the eighteenth century. These documents, objects and artwork offer an insight into maritime history and the role of Lloyd's Register throughout modern history. Most of the collection can only be found at the Centre and is being put to work for public education, through funding from the Lloyd's Register Foundation.

Digitisation activities

In order to ensure these unique collections are available to the public, the Centre and its reference library is open Monday to Friday, from 09:30 until 16:30. Please note that the library will be closed throughout August 2019. 

In order to increase accessibility of these, the Centre is embarking on a major commitment to digitising these collections, ensuring their educational use is as inclusive as possible, to both physical and digital users. All of the Centre's digitised material will be publicly available, for free, to all.

Ship Plan and Survey Report collection

The Ship Plan and Survey Report collection holds documentation (ship plans, correspondence, survey reports) dating back to the 1830s and showcases the development of classification, shipbuilding and maritime safety. An estimated 1.25 million documents are included in the collection. The collection, in its entirety, is currently being catalogued and digitised. The digitised collection includes documents relating to famous ships that Lloyd's Register classed, including Cutty Sark, Fullagar, Mauretania and Bakuin. Browse the collection here. Please note, the Centre's digitisation activities are ongoing and therefore ships/documents from the collection may not be digitised yet.

Library Catalogue

Our new library catalogue of reference material available to visitors includes details (title, publisher, date, shelf location etc.) of over 59,000 books held at the Centre. The library, based at 71 Fenchurch Street, is open to all, for free, from Monday to Friday 09:30-16:30. For further details, please see the footer of this page. Note our August library closure.

Digital resources

We have made brand new research resources available digitally. These collections include the World Fleet Statistics (1878-2000), Casualty Returns (1890-2000) and the Lists of Surveyors (1834-1972). As the Centre continues to develop its public outreach programmes, further resources will be made available on the website. Stay up to date with any new developments by signing up to our newsletter or following us on social media.

You can also apply for a Small Research Grant (of up to £15,000) to use our digital collections. Find out more here


If you wish to use our resources please ensure that you properly reference the Lloyd's Register Foundation Heritage & Education Centre in your work and consult our Licencing and Terms of Use pages.